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[INFO: ] Codeweavers präsentiert Crossover 5

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[INFO: ] Codeweavers präsentiert Crossover 5

Beitrag von TeXpert » 25. Okt 2005, 22:11


heute ist hier das neue Announcement von CW reingeschneit, evtl. interessiert das ja hier den einen oder anderen:
I am very excited to announce that we have shipped
version 5 of CrossOver Office.

We have added initial support for Microsoft Office 2003,
added a powerful new feature we call 'bottles',
which lets you manage your Windows applications
more easily than ever before, and dramatically
improved the installation and execution process of
nearly every Windows program.

I've included a full list of changes, inline, below.

The most compelling feature of version 5, however,
may be not what is visible to you, but instead the
changes 'under the hood'. We have spent over a year
making significant improvements to the Wine Project.
These changes include:
* A rewrite of the Window manager code so that
Wine can provide the correct Windows experience
regardless of the X11 window manager.
This should resolve many visual glitches.
* A new implementation of the Microsoft Installer
service, which most modern Windows application
use to install; this should enable far more
applications to successfully install than ever
* Implemented full featured COM and OLE support,
which has become critical to most applications
written in the last 5 years. This improves
applications across the board.

Thanks to the support of our customers, we have been
able to contribute all of this work to the Wine project
and helped the Wine project to take a major step forward
today with the release of version 0.9 of Wine.

We are also grateful for the many improvements that others
have made to Wine over the past year. Highlights include
improved support for games, improved sound code, an improved
richedit control, and far too many others to list.

I truly believe that Wine is reaching a critical turning
point; the point where we start realizing the dream of having
everything 'just work'. With your continued support,
I look forward to the day when we can say with some
confidence that Linux is nearly completely Windows

At any rate, to download this version, simply visit our web site,
www.codeweavers.com, and log onto our store system
using the email you used to purchase the software with.
If you don't have your password, the system will email it to you.

Once logged in, you should be able to go to 'My Downloads'
to download this release, presuming you are a customer on active support
(you can review your purchase history on your account tab as well).
If you have questions or need some help, please feel free to
drop an email to store@codeweavers.com, where we'll do our best to
help you.

I do recommend that anyone with a production, critical,
CrossOver environment wait a while before upgrading, and at the
very least, make a complete backup of your ~/.cxoffice
directory prior to upgrading. Version 5.0 represents a
radical change from prior versions of CrossOver, and you would
be wise to upgrade with caution.

Finally, we continue to appreciate all of your support through
the years. We are only able to continue this work because of
the many people that have supported us; thank you,
it means a great deal to us.


Jeremy White


* CrossOver Office Professional 5.0.0 - 2005/10/25

New Application support (since 4.2):
Microsoft Office 2003 (excluding Outlook)

New Features (since 4.2):
Major improvements in installer technology so
that most applications should now install
with CrossOver.
Support for virtual Windows environments running
either in traditional Windows 98 compatibility
or for environments supporting Windows 2000/XP.
'Bottle Manager' - the ability to manage multiple
simultaneous virtual Windows environments
simply and easily. This allows you to segregate
applications into different environments (aka 'bottles')
to simplify testing and to improve stability.
Bottles can be backed up, archived, and restored,
and bottles can be deployed via RPM, making the
process of deploying a Windows application as simple
as pushing an RPM around.
Plugin support for 64-bit browsers

New Technical Details (since 4.2):
Major changes in the underlying Wine technology base
which should bring a wide range of improvements,
- Window manager rewrite; windows should interoperate
properly with X window managers; odd flickers
and painting issues should be greatly reduced.
- COM / MSI implementation, which now enables
CrossOver to install a far wider range of
- Better sound support.
- Improved game support.
- Many, many other improvements.

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# to resolve all your problems, try this:
HOWTO='pack c5,41*2,sqrt 7056,unpack(c,H)-2,oct 115' && perl -le "print $HOWTO"
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